This is a word that is high in my thoughts these weeks. There is a lot of transition going on, and where I thought that I could take it all in stride, I’ve come to realize that I really do need to take the time to do this well.

There are a lot of transitions going on in my life here in Muizenberg, South Africa.
The first and most obvious being that I transitioned from student to staff-member.
Even though I was a student here, and even though I was a staff member before in Kenya, combining the two is completely different. The base is different in Kenya from what it is here. As a student you have classmates who all have almost the same program as you. As a staff that’s different. As a student you know it’s temporary, as a staff I need to focus on longevity, in relationships as well. I need to find ‘my people’. The ones I can share life with and who won’t be leaving in three months. As a student that’s different, because you know that you’ll all be going on after 9 months, and so you do bond with them, as you’re all going through the same studies and experiences.
Life is as planned out as it was as a student, I need to find my own work schedule and be more disciplined in how I spend my time, I don’t have the weekly deadlines for when my work is due in the same way as when I was a student.
The school I’ve joined is also different, even though I am still in the School of Biblical Studies, I have joined an ongoing school that actually started in April. With a different leadership, with different views and visions for the school. With a different class and staff-team. All these things do mean taking the time to get to know the people and the differences, understanding things that are being spoken about. Not automatically knowing the references people are throwing out, which seem obvious to the rest. It’s transitioning.
Transitioning in the way that I live. I was incredibly fortunate to find a place very close to the base to live, with 3 other wonderful ladies. And I love living here. But again, I have to get used to cooking my own meals and paying monthly rent. As a student, I was provided with a place to live and with food from the base, all covered by my school fees.
Transitioning in going from a temporary place, to a more permanent place. I’m not leaving after 9 months now, I’ll be here for several years, however long, only God knows, but I have to really settle into the community, find a church and get used to living in South Africa. You’d think that I would be good at it by now, as this is my 6th country to live in, but it’s still something I need to actively think about doing.
In that way, it also means transitioning from the other countries I’ve lived in, and respecting this country for what it is. Means getting used to when I go somewhere at night, even if it’s just down the street, that I can’t go home alone.

It’s a transition.
I love being here, and I know that it is the absolute right thing to do and right place to be now, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take work and prayer and grace. I can sure use some of that now!


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