You know the feeling, that you sometimes need to legitimize why you are a missionary, living off support from friends and family?
Well… I do!

So this question often goes through my mind;
Why am I here…?
Am I making a difference…?
What if I wasn’t here, would that matter…?

But the past few weeks I’ve felt like I’ve really gotten answers to those questions.

First off; what am I doing?
I am staffing the School of Biblical Studies, I came in 2 months ago and joined an ongoing school in their third quarter. I’m also a one-on-one to a student in the Discipleship Training School, like a processing partner. Besides that, every week I join a local outreach, where little 6-8-year old girls are being discipled.

So joining an ongoing school made me really question if they actually needed me on the staff team, because they’d been running for a while and I sort of assumed that they had it all together.
But then slowly as they encouraged me, I could see that my specific giftings and my observing and analytical mind brought something that they needed.
I am needed in the school!

The same with my one-on-one, there was this one time when I God was speaking to me about how what was in me, allowed me to be the perfect one-on-one to her.
I am patient, I can wait, which she needed.
I can be silent, I am an introvert, which she needed.
I have similar experiences as she has, which she needed.
I have life experience, which she needed.
I have a numbers mind, which she needed.
I am needed as her one-on-one!

Does anyone remember how in Kenya I would try to set up some discipleship for the base children?
Well I do! And I really lacked a lot of know-how, but I did love on the kids.
Now I still have that heart for children, and I am learning how they can be discipled over time.
These girls from the township, need love, attention, and time.
I have that.
I am needed as someone who is learning to disciple children!

The back of the container where we do the girls ministry called Sisterhood. It reads ‘Chosen & dearly loved’.

These are just three examples, but they are really cool to me.

I love my job!

God is good, because without Him, everything would be meaningless!!!

Why am I here

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  • November 19, 2017 at 4:13 pm

    Så bra Anne Kristin! Godt å lese!
    Lykke til videre!


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